Coy Huffman and his wife Donna are apostolic leaders in the Kingdom of God. Founders of Cowboy Church International (church planting), Pro Rodeo Ministries (the rodeo ministry), Coy Huffman Ministries and (the media ministry). Coy is known for his positive attitude, energy and creative ideas. He is a dynamic communicator, visionary and sower of God’s Word to the nations. Donna is recognized as a gifted teacher of the Word of God.

Both use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to empower and equip others to be who they are in Christ, to have everything the Father has given them and to do their work in the power of the Spirit. Coy’s prophetic gifting has enabled him to travel and to speak with understanding into the lives of people in the church, the cowboy world and the nations.

He does a “Power Up” presentation of a power-packed life-changing truth to rodeo contestants on the road and at WNFR that goes viral and impacts lives globally. Coy organizes and hosts Kingdom Prophetic Events. His passion is too ignite and transform leaders with power of God to bring the Kingdom to their world.

Coy and Donna’s influence for the Kingdom of God continues to impact lives to come into the Kingdom and have an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can watch their webcast and experience their ministry of Kingdom Life by clicking on the live streaming page link.
Enjoy the website. Find out how they can help you win in life. Look at the calendar to follow their journey and discover ways you can be a partner. May you ride triumphantly with Christ every day!